Too much jumping on your bed shaking it apart?  Your bed needs the help only a Bed Snap can provide.      Photo by: © PhotoEuphoria – FOTOLIA


Age and abuse often loosen and wear-out your wooden bed and side rails. The Bed Snap™ can provide the help your bed needs. For some situations, consider the Bed Snap™ Bed Repair Package for your bed, click here.

The Bed Snap Repairs Beds

Bed Snap Heavy Duty Wood Rail Bed Fitting,  & Mounting Plate.

These specially designed brackets are for connecting wood side rails to the head board and footboard. They are perfect for repairs, reinforcements or for building your own bed. Designed for screw-mounting.

Symptoms of age begin to creep in with some beds-- loose rails which damage the headboard and footboard by shifting or tilting. Often, the pin in the headboard or footboard breaks, loosens or goes missing, resulting in the inability of the hook on your rail to hold and fall.

No need to replace your wood side rails. Bed-Snaps™ are the only Fix-A-Rail system that allows you to retrofit or repair the wood side rails on your bed. Available in two sizes, with or without screws. Click on pictures below to link to purchase page.


Small Bed Snap

Smaller Size Bed Snap™- sold in sets consisting of 2 left hand and 2 right hand brackets with 4 plates. Gal. Steel. Click here to purchase.

Suitable for Wood Rails


The Bed Snap™ mounts on the inside of each end of the rail. The bracket mounts on the rail, the plate mounts on the head or foot board.

Large Bed Snap

Larger Size Bed Snap™- sold in sets of 4 non handed brackets with 4 plates. Galvanized Steel. Click here to purchase.